In warmer climates (i.e California), meter lids look something like this:

If your lid looks like the one above, then you can use the tool that came with your Flume device to open your meter lid. Please watch this short video for a quick demonstration.

In colder weather areas (i.e. Ohio Valley, Washington DC, Denver), most meter lids look like this:

The lids above are a little trickier to get open. For these lids, you must loosen the 5-sided nut before you can open the lid. You can use a crescent wrench for this task, however if you have a meter box key, it will make your life a lot easier!

Although Flume has partnerships with water companies across the nation, some water companies have ordinances that limit your ability to open your meter box and/or install a device on your meter. So, please check with your local water company before you purchase and install a Flume device.

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