When you first log in to the Flume app, you will be taken to your dashboard. It will look like this:

On this page, you can see

  • How much water you have used today

  • The flow rate of water currently being used

  • As well as the rolling 24-hour view, by clicking on the dashboard you can see how much water you have used in minute increments

  • If Flume has detected any leaks

  • Your actual water usage compared to your monthly budget

  • Whether "Away Mode" is active or not

  • How much outdoor usage you have used this month

  • Additional daily, or weekly budgets you have created

  • Head over to the Detailed page to see your water use breakdown by individual appliance

Today's water usage

In this section, you can quickly see how much water you have used today. You can also see how today's water usage compares to your rolling 10-day average. This icon will be green if you are using less than your average usage, and it will be red if you are using more. You can also see minute-by-minute usage by the hour clicking on the hour you would like to view.

Water Status

Your Dashboard will show you if your water is running or not. The water status icon will show what rate the water is flowing. Be aware that this information is delayed up to 1 minute, and does not reflect what is happening in real-time. Also, it is sometimes necessary to refresh the page in order for this water status indicator to update. To refresh the page, simply pull the page down to refresh.

Last 24hr Usage

On the graph, you can see how much water you used in each of the last 24 hours (in 1-hour increments).

You can move the graph left and right by simply holding and dragging it. By default, the graph shows your usage broken down by the hour. Tapping on one of the bars on the graph will show you your usage broken down by the minute for that particular hour. Click here to see how you can access a more detailed view of your water usage data.


Your budgets will be displayed in this section. If you have set up more than on budget will only see the first budget displayed on the dashboard. To access your other budgets, simply swipe left or right. In the example above, note that there are two dots displayed under the graph. Those dots imply that there are two budgets. To access the second budget, swipe left. To get back to the first, swipe right. To add or edit budgets, simply click on the three vertical dots to access the budgets menu. For more on budgets, click here.

This Month’s Outdoor Usage

A breakdown of outdoor vs. Indoor water usage on the dashboard. If you click the ? mark button on the dashboard you can send feedback about this feature.

Away Mode

If you enable "Away Mode", your emergency contacts will be notified of any Usage Alerts that you have defined. You can toggle whether "Away Mode" is active or not by clicking the slider. For more information about "Away Mode", click here.

If you are not seeing some of the features listed above you may need to update your app, this can be done in settings.

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