To access the Flume settings, click the "Hamburger Menu" shown below:

Then, choose "Settings" from the menu shown below:

Once you choose Settings, you will be able to configure the following:


If you select "Location" on the page above, you can update information about your home. This information is used to compare your water usage with similar households. It is also used to help guide you in setting up budgets.


Here you can choose how you would like to receive Usage Alerts and Budget Alerts from Flume. You can customize Push and Email notifications by clicking on the grey arrow. Then you can toggle alerts on and off.

Usage Alerts

For more information about how to configure Usage Alerts, click here.

Shared Access

For more information on Shared Access, click here.

WiFi Troubleshooting

For more information on WiFi Troubleshooting, click here.

Other Troubleshooting

From here you can access the Help Center or Recalibrate your Water Sensor

Contact Support

chat with our world-class support team directly in the Flume app or email our support team at

Measurement Units

If you would like to display your water usage in units other than Gallons, then select this option. You can choose between Gallons, Cubic Feet, Cubic Meters, or Liters.

Quick Tour

Select this option to get a Quick Tour of the Flume app.

Log out

If you would like to log out of the Flume app, just click the "Logout" button.

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