If Flume notifies you of a leak, we recommend taking a few easy steps to diagnose the leak on your own before contacting a professional.

First, check for any “Water Sensor moved” alerts within the app. These will appear as a banner at the top of the screen. If your Water Sensor has moved from its original calibration position, you may be receiving a false leak alert. Please follow the instructions HERE to get your device reporting accurately again.

Next, we recommend following the steps below to check the leak indicator on the water meter (circled below). Depending on the brand of the meter, the leak indicator may be a small triangle, a star shaped dial, or a small silver wheel on top of the dial.

  1. Make sure water is not being used inside or outside of the house.

  2. Watch the leak indicator on the water meter for any forward movement for about 5 minutes, as this movement may be slow. If the dial is rotating forward, your water meter is indicating a leak. *if the dial is bouncing back and forth, please reach out to Flume Support.

  3. You can also check for a leak by comparing your water usage through two meter readings. Start by taking a clear photo of your water meter, making sure the numbers and dial are visible. After, wait 1 or 2 hours and take another photo. Please make sure no water is used during this time. If the reading has changed, you have a leak (for information on how to read the water meter click HERE).

If you are away from your home when you are notified of a leak, we recommend having a friend or neighbor check the leak indicator on the water meter. If there is a leak, you can have them turn off the water at the meter until you are able to investigate further.

The Flume leak detection feature will give you a detailed breakdown of your leak. It will show you the day the leak started, the duration, the average flow per minute, and how many total gallons the leak has used.

Leaks can occur in many different hidden places around the home, making them hard to find. If you have a leak, there are many do-it-yourself videos online that can show you how to fix most problems.

Leaky toilets are a common culprit and an easy first place to check. To test for toilet leaks, add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank and wait 10 minutes. You’ll know your toilet is leaking if the color shows up in your toilet bowl.

If the leak isn’t your toilet, here is a great resource for finding leaks within your home.

If you do not feel comfortable finding or fixing the leak yourself, many plumbers specialize in both leak detection and remediation. Let Flume help you find a local professional to assist you with repairs by selecting “contact a pro” from the menu in the Flume app. Flume users will receive 15% off services powered by Angi.

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