If the batteries in your Flume 1 Water Sensor (the black device on your meter) are low, we will notify you via email. Your Flume 1 water sensor uses 4 AA Lithium Batteries, and they can be purchased here.

Here is a quick video that will walk you through the battery replacement process:

To replace your batteries, please follow these steps:

  1. Take a picture of the black water sensor device on your meter. Note how it is situated on the meter. You are going to take it off and put it back, so we want to make sure that you put it back in the same spot it is in now. The picture will help you remember exactly where it was.
  2. Take the device off of the meter.
  3. Remove all 12 screws from the device. It’s a little time consuming, so sorry about that! If you have a Phillips 1 x 60mm screwdriver, it will make your life a lot easier.
  4. Remove the lid from the case and remove all 4 batteries.
  5. Inspect the inside of the case for any moisture. If there are any signs of moisture, Email us a photo and we will determine if the sensor is good or if a replacement is needed. If no signs of moisture, proceed to Step 6.
  6. Insert 4 new AA Lithium batteries. Make sure they are in the correct orientation (note the + sign on the board). You should see the yellow light blink a couple of times when you put the first two batteries back in.
  7. Put the lid back on the case, being careful not to pinch the black antenna wire. (See photo of pinched antenna wire below.)
  8. Align the gasket (rubber lining on the inside of the lid) in the channel to ensure the seal is secure
  9. Put all 12 screws back in and tighten all the way down.
  10. Put the device back on the meter in the same position it was originally in. You can consult your picture from step 1.
  11. Email us and let us know that you have performed this procedure, and we can verify that everything is working properly again.

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