If the batteries in your Flume Water Sensor are low, we will notify you via email and in the Flume app. While your batteries are dead, Flume will be unable to monitor your water usage or notify you of leaks. To purchase new batteries, locate the notice at the top of your dashboard that reads: "Water Sensor batteries are low! Fix here".

If you currently have a Flume 1 with dead batteries, you may be eligible to upgrade to a Flume 2 at a discounted price! To read more about the benefits of Flume 2, check out this article.

If you’d like to take advantage of your upgrade offer select “Claim Your Discounted Flume 2”. If you would prefer to replace the batteries in your Flume 1, you can purchase a battery kit by selecting “Order Battery Kit for $24”. You will then be taken to the appropriate purchasing page.

After placing your order, you'll receive an email confirmation of your order. Your new Flume 2 or your batteries should arrive within a few days. As always, please email us at support@flumewater.com if you have any questions.

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