If you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time, you may want to have Flume automatically notify your friends or neighbors if there is any errant water usage in your absence. In other words, when "Away Mode" is turned on, your "Emergency Contacts" will get an email notification whenever one of your Usage Alerts is triggered.

To enable this feature, just scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click the slider to "Enable Away Mode."

If you haven't previously added any Emergency Contacts, you will be asked to add them at this point. To do so, just click the "Add Contacts" button below.

Next, just click on the "Add" button below to add one or more Emergency Contacts.

Emergency Contacts don’t need the Flume app installed, and they won’t have access to your account or see your water use data. They will merely be notified via an email message if any of your Usage Alerts are triggered. For more information about Usage Alerts, click here.

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