Flume 2 is the latest and greatest product from Flume! The new Flume 2 features advanced technology, partnered with a more durable design for an improved water monitoring experience.

Flume 2 will do everything that the Flume 1 product currently does, but with these additional upgrades:

New Look and Feel

Flume 2 brings an upgraded, more durable design. The bridge now has an internal antenna, no more wires sticking out. The water sensor features a latch closure, instead of screws.

Improved Battery Life

Flume 2 features an improved radio frequency (RF) connection between the bridge and sensor causing less drain on the battery, improving overall battery life.

Double your Battery Life

Flume 2 ships with one battery pack (just like Flume 1). However, Flume 2 also has the ability to add an additional battery pack for even longer battery life.

Note: Please only use an approved Flume 2 battery pack in the second battery holder.

Battery Replacement in a Snap

Flume 2 features a new latch and seal design, allowing for quick and easy battery installation without the need for screws and tools. The new design also reduces the possibility of water damage in water pits that frequently fill with water.

Never Lose Your Water Data in the Event of a WiFi Outage

Flume 2 saves and uploads water usage in the event your bridge disconnects from WiFi during a power or WiFi outage. Never miss a minute of usage!

Increased Range and Connectivity

Flume 2 has a dramatically improved radio frequency (RF) connection between the bridge and the sensor, allowing the devices to communicate across longer distances and challenging topography.

Usage by Fixture and Appliance. Coming in 2021 for Flume 2 ONLY!

In 2021, Flume 2 will use machine learning to identify how much water is being used by each of your household water fixtures and appliances. This feature will require a subscription to Flume Insight. For more information on Flume Insight, click here.

Please contact us at support@flumewater.com with any questions!

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