Your Flume Water Sensor may infrequently disconnect from your Flume Bridge. When this happens, you may temporarily not see any water usage. Don't worry -- if you have a Flume 2, your Water Sensor will save your data while disconnected and reupload your usage once it reconnects.

How to reconnect your Water Sensor to your Bridge

In most situations, your Water Sensor will automatically reconnect to your Bridge without you having to intervene. If you would like to speed up the connection process or if the sensor has been disconnected for a couple of days please follow the below process to reconnect your water sensor:

  1. Make sure that your Bridge is in the best possible spot. We suggest a window with a direct line of sight to your meter pit if possible. For tips on the best locations for your Bridge, check out this article.

  2. Unplug your bridge for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in (the bridge will instantly reconnect to WiFi once re-plugged)

  3. Once the Bridge has been plugged back in, it will take the Water Sensor about 40 minutes to an hour to reconnect to the Bridge.

  4. Check the water sensor's status in the app. Make sure you refresh the app before you do so.

If your water sensor remains disconnected after the previous steps, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your meter and remove the Flume water sensor.

  2. Place the Water Sensor directly next to the Bridge.

  3. Allow the devices up to an hour to reconnect.

  4. Once the sensor has reconnected please place your sensor back on your meter, for tips on placement see this article

    1. If there is water in your meter pit you will want to drain the pit before placing your sensor back on the meter. You can do so using a pump or a bucket.

  5. Once your sensor is back on the meter you will need to recalibrate your Water Sensor. To do so, go into your Flume app. Locate the three horizontal lines at the top left of your screen. Select "settings" > "other troubleshooting". From there, select "recalibrate water sensor". Follow the instructions listed in the app to recalibrate.

Why did my Water Sensor disconnect?

There could be a few reasons why your Water Sensor may have disconnected from your bridge:

  • If your Bridge is located too far from your Water Sensor, the devices may disconnect.

  • Your Water Sensor could be submerged in water, causing a temporary drop in connection (don't worry, your Water Sensor is waterproof).

  • Your Water Sensor batteries may have died. Flume will notify you when your batteries are low or dead. Here is an article on how to change the batteries in your Flume 2.

  • If your Bridge has disconnected from WiFi, the sensor will also disconnect. If your Bridge has disconnected from WiFi please see this article

If your Flume sensor remains disconnected after following these steps please reach out to our Flume support team at

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