If you purchased your Flume through one of our many water utility partnerships, you are likely eligible to receive a rebate directly through the Flume app. To be eligible to claim the rebate you must complete your Flume installation.

In most cases, you will be prompted to claim the rebate upon completing your Flume installation. If you are not prompted to claim the rebate, it's likely that the email used to install your Flume is different than the email used to purchase your Flume. It's also possible that the rebate step at the end of installation was skipped. If this is the case, you can claim the rebate later through Flume app.

To claim the rebate please follow the steps below:

  1. Install your Flume

  2. Go to the Flume mobile app

  3. Select the Flume menu (3 bars in the upper left)

  4. Select settings

  5. Select the "Check for Rebate" option

  6. Enter the email address or utility account number that you used to purchase your Flume device.

** If the email entered does not work try entering you account number and vice versa.

Please reach out to Flume support at support@flumewater.com with any questions!

If you are an East Bay Municipal Water District (EBMUD) customer claiming your rebate looks a bit different, please apply for your rebate here.

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