If your Flume water sensor (the device on your water meter) may need to be recalibrated if:

  • Your water sensor has shifted on the meter

  • Your water sensor has been removed and repositioned on the meter

  • If the water meter has been changed recently.

For tips on positioning your water sensor on the meter please see the article linked here.

To recalibrate your Flume water sensor please follow the below steps:

First, open the Flume app and click the hamburger menu (3 lines in the upper left).

From there, select 'Settings'.

Then, choose 'Other Troubleshooting'.

Select 'Recalibrate Water Sensor'.

When this warning message pops up, press continue.

Run a steady stream of water and click continue following the rest of the instructions to recalibrate the Flume water sensor.

Once the recalibration has successfully been completed you should start seeing water usage in the Flume app within a minute or two.

Please reach out to our support team at support@flumewater.com for any assistance.

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