The battery pack for your Flume Water Sensor was custom-designed to maximize battery life while protecting your Water Sensor!

There are several reasons why your Flume Water Sensor requires this specific battery pack:

  • The Flume 2 battery pack is made up of lithium metal battery cells. Flume 2 requires lithium metal batteries due to their unique characteristics of high energy storage, high energy transmission, and long shelf life. Other types of batteries, alkaline, in particular, are incapable of meeting Flume 2's energy transmission requirements and will negatively affect Radio Frequency communication. This makes it difficult for your Sensor to communicate information to your Flume app!

  • The custom battery pack helps prevent the use of alternative batteries (which may damage the Water Sensor and deplete battery life). Flume only works with Lithium-metal batteries.

  • Flume 2 battery packs contain short circuit protection to protect against over-current failure of the battery cells. This allows us to adhere to international and air freight shipping standards regardless of the brand of battery cell used in the pack.

Using any battery other than the Flume battery pack will substantially degrade the performance and battery life of your Flume Water Sensor. Replacing the batteries with any battery other than the Flume battery pack will void any guarantee of performance and/or warranty on the device.

In Fall 2021 Flume redesigned the custom battery pack. The original pack is black and the new pack is gray (pictured below). The black battery pack is a simple battery cell holder that only supported one brand of battery. In this pack, the individual batteries used have built-in short circuit protection. Due to supply chain shortages, we needed to diversify the brand of batteries used so have transitioned to the grey battery pack. This pack has short circuit protection at the pack level and sometimes but not always at the individual battery level.

The pack needs to be purchased directly through the Flume website HERE.

Flume does not utilize rechargeable batteries because they have a much shorter life span requiring them to be recharged every couple of days, this would leave your home unprotected from leaks while your Flume sensor is off the meter. We aim to minimize the number of times you need to access the meter pit to remove your Flume sensor for battery replacement. Additionally, using non-rechargeable Lithium Metal batteries allows the life of the batteries to last up to 1 year.

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