Every time your Flume records water usage, it labels that water usage as an "event". These "events" are sorted into individual water appliances (like shower, water softener, toilet, etc.) so that you're able to see just how much water your appliances are using! This feature is called Detail+ (learn more here).

If Detail+ mislabeled your usage as an appliance you do not have please go to the Flume app > settings (3 horizontal lines in the upper left) > usage profile (ensure only the appliances at your home are selected). Then, scroll down to the bottom and toggle 'Use this Data for your Appliance Breakdowns?' on, and click 'Save'. This will prevent Detail+ from mislabeling usage as appliances that are not applicable to your home.

To review and update event types provided by Detail+! For example, if your Flume incorrectly labels a 'shower' event as 'outdoor', you can change that label to reflect the correct usage. This improves the accuracy of your Detail+ usage averages and comparisons.

To learn how to update an event that was marked incorrectly please see the steps below.

1. Log into your Flume account at: portal.flumewater.com (this feature is only available in the web portal for the time being)

2. Scroll down the page under the graph to the Detail + Usage Breakdown section and click on 'Event Review', then select the day you would like to review on the graph. A list of usage events for that day will appear.

*breakdown values do not include usage from the current calendar day

3. Choose the event that you would like to make adjustments to and select 'Update Usage Type' or 'Submit General Feedback'.

4. Selecting 'Update Usage Type' allows you to change the usage to the correct event type.

*Only appliances that Flume can currently break down will be available to choose from. If you don't see the appliance you are looking for simply select either 'Outdoor' or 'Indoor' accordingly.

5. Selecting 'Submit General Feedback' allows you to provide open-ended feedback on the event. This feedback is reviewed by our engineers who work on this feature!

We’re constantly working on expanding and perfecting our machine learning database. The more events we label correctly, the more appliances and details we can bring you!

This feature will not prevent mislabeled usage from occurring again. For example; an event that was marked as 'outdoor' once and updated to 'shower' will likely be classified as 'outdoor' again.

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