Flume partners with many water utilities across the United States to give customers discounts and rebates on their Flume. Each utility program has a specific landing page and instructions on how to purchase and apply for any applicable rebates.

What exactly do water utilities see when you purchase Flume through a program?

  • Your utility receives a list of all customers who have purchased a Flume device using the rebate they provide. This is done to ensure that only one device is purchased per household.

  • When you purchased your Flume device, you agreed to Terms and Conditions that allow Flume to share your water use with your utility. This information is shared to help with potential water savings and gain an understanding of water use habits across communities.

It is important to note that:

  • Water utilities do not use Flume to measure household water usage, to bill for water use, or charge for excessive use.

  • The data from Flume cannot be used to contest water bills.

  • If Flume is not purchased through a utility program, your utility will not have access to water use data through Flume.

When you purchase a Flume through your water utility you must install Flume at the address where you receive your water bill. If you do not wish for your water utility to see your Flume water usage information you are welcome to purchase outside of the program at flumewater.com.

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