There are several factors that go into determining the battery life of the Flume 2 sensor. The batteries in your sensor can last up to 1 year (sometimes longer) if the connection between the devices is good. Usually, the more difficult a connection between the two devices, the shorter the battery life will be. If the batteries in your Sensor drained quicker than expected, please see the information below for an explanation and tips on how to extend your battery life.

For more information on Flume's custom battery packs please see the article HERE.

It's important to understand how the connection between the two devices works. Flume uses a Radio Frequency (RF) connection between the Flume Bridge in your home and the Flume Sensor in the meter pit. The strength and durability of an RF connection allow Flume to work at far distances from your home (up to 1,000 feet!) and means having WiFi at the meter pit is not necessary. RF strength can vary throughout the day or even the hour, depending on the surrounding environment. Things that may negatively impact the RF connection are; rainy weather, a vehicle parked on top of or near the meter pit, metal objects (cars), pedestrian traffic, and bicycles. Sometimes the cause of a strained RF connection may not be visible, like a nearby metal object underground.

The following can hinder the connection between the two devices and cause your batteries to drain quickly:

  • The meter pit has a heavy metal lid.

  • The meter pit frequently fills with water.

  • There’s a large distance between your Bridge and your Sensor.

  • There are a lot of obstacles between your Bridge and Sensor (walls, vehicles, trees, hills other homes, etc.).

  • Your Bridge is powered off for long periods of time. If your Bridge disconnects from WiFi, it will maintain an RF link with the Sensor. If it’s completely powered off (for example, if your Bridge is unplugged) the Sensor will continually use extra power as it attempts to reconnect with the Bridge.

  • Your sensor is left uncalibrated or disconnected for an extended period of time.

  • Your home is constantly using water. If you have a leak or irrigate heavily, Flume sees usage nonstop and it's going to drain more power than if water is running intermittently

  • Your bridge is located in your garage. Garage doors and vehicles severely inhibit the RF connection between the Bridge and the WS.

  • Your Bridge is located in a closet or same room as your WiFi equipment (it’s better for the Bridge to have a direct line of sight to the Sensor- the fewer walls the better).

To get as much life out of your batteries as possible:

  • Place your Bridge in a window that has a direct line of sight to your meter pit.

  • Try placing your Bridge in a second-story window if applicable to your home.

  • Decrease the distance between the Sensor and Bridge if possible.

  • Have a direct line of sight between the Sensor and Bridge, with minimal obstacles between the two if possible (walls, vehicles, trees, other homes, etc.).

  • Use a concrete or plastic meter pit lid.

If your Bridge is in an optimal location and your batteries died in under 6 months, or if you recently replaced your batteries and noticed they drained quicker than the first set, please reach out to our support team via in-app chat or email at

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