If you change your home WiFi information (name or password), your Flume device will disconnect from your WiFi network, and you will no longer be able to monitor your water usage. This can also happen if you get a new WiFi router.

If your Flume Bridge (the device that looks like a salt shaker) can not connect to your WiFi network, the blue light on top will go out.

Flume 2 Bridge

Flume 1 Bridge

NOTE: Before proceeding, make sure you have the latest version of the Flume App. To check, go to the App Store (Apple or Google Play) on your phone and check to see if there is an update available.

To update your WiFi credentials, just click on the hamburger menu.

Then select "Settings".

Then select "WiFi Troubleshooting".

Then you will be guided through a series of pages that will help you reconnect your WiFi.

If you have any problems connecting to WiFI during this process, please click here for some troubleshooting tips for Flume 1 or click here for Flume 2 troubleshooting tips.

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