There are three components of the Flume solution:

  1. The Flume Water Sensor

  2. The Flume Bridge

  3. The Flume App

When water flows through your water meter, a magnetic disc spins inside of the meter. The rate at which this disc spins correlates directly to a water flow rate. Flume must be installed on a compatible water meter and cannot work on a pipe or with a well.

The Flume Water Sensor simply straps onto your meter, and it measures this magnetic field from the meter. It then sends this information using Radio Frequency (RF) to the Flume Bridge. We use RF because it requires very little power (great for battery life) and it can transmit a signal across vast distances, up to 1,000 feet (great for meter pits that are far from a home). This Sensor is battery powered and does not need access to an outlet at the meter pit.

The Flume Bridge plugs into a power outlet inside of your home, and it connects to your WiFi network. It receives the signal from the Flume Water Sensor, and it sends this data securely into the cloud.

The Flume App, which runs on your smartphone, can then access your water usage data from the cloud. Not only can you analyze your water usage data from this app, but you will also be notified of any abnormal usage (such as a leak).

Flume works on about 95% of the meters in the United States. However, you should verify that your meter is compatible before you purchase a device.

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