Update: At this time, we have suspended our Referral program. We are working on an exciting new program that will not only benefit our customers but the environment too! Stay tuned for more details….

Flume customers who have been invited to participate in the Flume Referral Program will receive a unique link they can share on Facebook, text, email or other social networks. When someone clicks the shared link and makes a purchase they will receive $20 off their purchase and the referrer will receive $10 that can transferred directly to their bank account. There's no limit on the number of referrals someone can make, however it must result in a sale, not just a "click" to qualify.

New customers will get an email from us within a few days after purchase with an offer to participate in the Flume Referral Program and get their own unique link to share. Only purchases that go through this link generate the discount and credit back to the referrer.

The terms of this program are subject to change. Currently, the offer is a $10 credit for the referrer and $20 off the purchase price for anyone who buys Flume from referrer unique link. Purchase discounts ($20 off) cannot be combined with any other offers. The referral program ($10 credit) is open to all users, regardless of whether or not they purchased their Flume through a Utility Rebate program.

If a customer loses their referral program invitation email, they can still participate by requesting their unique link from support@flumewater.com. Flume reserves the right to modify terms or discontinue this referral program at any time. 

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