The Flume device is very accurate. That is, the water usage that Flume reports will agree very closely with the water usage reported by your water meter.

We had an independent lab test the Flume device on a variety of different water meters (Neptune T10, Sensus SR2, Hersey 420 and Badger 25). 

In most conditions, the Flume device agreed with the meter within +/-1%.

Click here to see the results of the independent lab test completed by Utah State University.

If you would like to see just how accurate your Flume is, you can do so by comparing the usage reported by Flume to the usage reported by your water meter within the same time period. For some tips and tricks on how to read your water meter, click here.


Several large water districts are using our device as a part of their water conservation programs, and they have deemed that our device does not interfere with their meters (or any of their automated metering infrastructure).

Click here to see a list of municipalities and water districts that allow Flume on their water meters.

Click here to see a list of our current utility partners.

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