Can Orbit and Flume Integrate?

Great news! Orbit’s smart controller B-hyve now integrates with the Flume smart water monitoring system. Click HERE for information on how to connect your B-hyve to Flume.

What does that mean?

With the B-hyve + Flume integration, B-hyve customers will be better able to understand how much water is being used for irrigation and determine if there are any potential leaks in the system. The initial integration will allow B-hyve customers to view total water usage and flow rate per zone. In addition, Flume + B-hyve also offer the following key benefits:

  • Easy To Install: The Flume water sensor wraps around your water meter in an instant – there's no need for a plumber

  • Household-Wide Coverage: 24/7 water flow monitoring inside of your home as well as in your lawn or garden

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Leak Detection: B-hyve and Flume work together to provide you with water usage reporting, highlighting abnormal flow rates, preventing overwatering or possible leaks in broken sprinkler lines or heads saving you money on your water bill.

  • Smarter Watering: Using B-hyve's existing WeatherSense technology and real-time flow data from Flume, you can make informed decisions about your water use.

  • Precise Data: You can measure actual volume consumption rates with detailed reporting showing how many gallons are used for each zone during an irrigation cycle.

How does it work?

You can integrate your B-hyve and Flume devices by updating your settings in your B-hyve app. Simply go into Settings > Account > Flume Integration. Once you are there, log in with your Flume account information and you will be good to go! To see a step-by-step how-to on integrating Flume with B-hyve click here. If you have a leak, Flume does not tell you which zone the leak is coming from.


If you are experiencing problems with the Flume and B-Hyve Integration, please try unlinking and relinking your account on the B-Hyve app. For information on how to do this, click here. If you are not seeing gallons per zone usage on the B-Hyve app, please reach out to B-Hyve customer support. If you are noticing inaccurate or no usage on the Flume app, please reach out to Flume customer support.

More Information

Click here for details on how Flume works.

Check meter compatibility here.

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