If you have a Flume device and an Orbit B-hyve controller, you can now connect them together!  

With the B-hyve + Flume integration, you will be better able to understand how much water is being used for irrigation and determine if there are any potential leaks in the system. The initial integration will allow you to view total water usage and flow rate per zone. 

Connect B-hyve to your Flume

Before you begin, make sure that you have the latest release of the B-hyve app on your phone.

  1. Open the B-hyve app

  2. Select "My B-hyve" as shown below.

3. Select "B-hyve Account" as show below.

4. Select "Login to Your Flume Account" as shown below.

5. Enter your Flume login credentials on the screen below:

6. If you have more than one Flume device, then click "Select Your Default Flume Device" as shown below.

7. Choose the Flume device that you would like to link with your B-Hyve account.

8. Once everything is connected, it will look like this:

Viewing Flow information in your B-hyve

  1. To see how much water is being used in each zone, select "My B-hyve" as shown below.

2. Select "Watering History" as shown below.

3. Select the zone that you would like to see the watering history for.

4. You can now see how much water was used during each watering event. This flow data was calculated using your Flume device.

5. And, if you go into your Flume app, you can see the detailed usage by minute:


If you are experiencing problems with the Flume and B-Hyve Integration, please try unlinking and relinking your account on the B-Hyve app. For information on how to do this, click here. If you are not seeing gallons per zone usage on the B-Hyve app, please reach out to B-Hyve customer support. If you are noticing inaccurate or no usage on the Flume app, please reach out to Flume customer support.

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