First, start by taking 2 photos of your meter 24 or more hours apart then comparing your reported Flume usage to the water meter usage.

Here are some tips on reading your Badger meter:

  • Is your meter analog or digital? Digital meters are easy, just read as is and include any decimals. Analog meters are a bit trickier, however we have included an image to assist.

  • Next, identify if your meter reports in Gallons or Cubic Feet - it will say right on the meter!

  • Now it’s time to read the number on the meter! See example below!

Digital: 107221.40 Gallons

Analog: 93195.7 Cubic Feet

  • Once you have both readings you will subtract the two readings to get the number of gallons (or cubic feet) used! If the meter reads in Cubic Feet, simply multiply the difference by 7.48 to convert to gallons.

  • Finally, log on to the Flume portal at and select the three horizontal dashes in the top right corner. Then, select Settings > Meter Accuracy Test. Follow the steps below to compare your Flume usage.

If your recorded water usage is still looking off in a few days, please reach back out to us! We'll take another look at your data to see what else we can do. Please reach out to support if you have questions!

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