If you receive a notification that says: "Your Water Sensor has moved significantly", your Flume Water Sensor has shifted from its original position on the water meter. Once this occurs, your Flume device may stop reporting your water usage accurately.

Below is an example of what the notification will look like:

Once you click on the notification, you will see the option to "Fix Here" or "Override"


If your water usage still looks accurate, selecting “Override” will make the banner will go away and they will only be notified if the water sensor moves significantly again.

"Fix Here"

Selecting "Fix here" will lead you through the recalibration process. Before you recalibrate, please readjust the Flume Water Sensor on your water meter. For tips on placement please see the article linked here.

Why did my Water Sensor move?

A few reasons as to why your Flume sensor may have moved:

  • If it has rained recently, your meter box may have flooded and lifted the Water Sensor off of the meter.

  • The Water Sensor may not have been fastened tightly enough on the meter when originally installed.

  • If the Water Sensor was blocking the face of your water meter, it may have been adjusted in an attempt to read your meter.

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