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How does the LADWP Rebate Work?
How does the LADWP Rebate Work?

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Utility program

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For a limited time (7/15 - 7/21), LADWP customers can get a Flume for FREE (plus tax and shipping)!

  1. Purchase your Flume System for $25 (plus tax and shipping).

  2. Install your Flume System, including installing the app to your smart device and registering with Flume.

  3. Automatically get $25 refunded back to your credit card.

Who is eligible for this program?

In order to qualify for this program, you must:

  1. Be an LADWP customer

  2. Live in a Single Family Residence

  3. Install the Flume device at the address where you receive your LADWP service

  4. Have not previously participated in the LADWP Flume program for that service address

You will need to enter your LADWP account number in order to verify that your account qualifies and to complete your purchase. Your account number can be found at the top of your water bill:

Are there any special requirements?

Before you order your Flume device, please make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • The water meter at your location must be compatible with Flume. The vast majority of LADWP water meters are compatible with Flume. However, if you would like, you can double-check HERE.

  • Your home must have a wireless network (WiFi). You must also know your WiFi password.

  • You must have an iOS (Apple) or Android device.

What is Flume?

The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor will let you monitor your water usage right from your smart device. Flume System will notify you if you have any leaks.

Can I install it myself?

Yes! Most people can install our product in less than 15 minutes. You do not need to cut any pipes, and no plumber is required. The Flume app walks you through the entire installation step-by-step. You can find a complete installation guide HERE.

The Flume Water Sensor needs to be attached to your water meter, requiring you to lift the lid and reach into the meter pit. If you will need assistance with either of these activities, you may want to ask a friend or family member to help you with your installation.

What if I need help?

Our world-class support team can assist you if you have any problems or questions. Please reach out to our support team at You can also chat with our support team right from the Flume app.

How does Flume Work?

There are three components of the Flume solution:

  1. The Flume Water Sensor

  2. The Flume Bridge

  3. The Flume App

When water flows through your water meter, a magnetic disc spins inside of the meter. The rate at which this disc spin correlates directly to a water flow rate.

The Flume Water Sensor simply straps onto your meter, and it measures this magnetic field from the meter. It then sends this information using Radio Frequency (RF) to the Flume Bridge. We use RF because it requires very little power (great for battery life) and it can transmit a signal up to about 1000 feet (great for meter pits that are far from a home).

The Flume Bridge plugs into a power outlet inside of your home, and it connects to your WiFi network. It receives the signal from the Flume Water Sensor, and it sends this data securely into the cloud.

The Flume App, which runs on your smart device, can then access your water usage data from the cloud. Not only can you analyze your water usage data from this app, but you will also be notified of any abnormal usage (such as a leak).

What if Flume notifies me of a leak?

Many of our customers discover leaks within the first few hours of using our device. Even though our device lets you know about a leak, it can't tell you where it is.

Who will be able to view my water usage data?

Your water usage data can be viewed by LADWP and Flume.

What is the fine print?

For terms and conditions of the LADWP program please click HERE.

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