Detail+ offers you a brand new look at your water by showing you how much water the appliances in your home are using! Detail+ allows you to see what percentage of your water use comes from your toilets, showers, dishwashers, water softeners, sprinkler systems, and more. If water comes out of it, you’ll know! With new daily, weekly, and monthly comparisons, you’ll experience total control over your water use.

Detail+ goes small, so you can go BIG with more data, depth, more detail.

To view this feature, go to the Detailed Page on the Flume App. Next, choose the time period at the top of the screen that you would like to view breakdowns for (hour, day, week, month, or year). Then, scroll down on the page to see the Detail+ breakdown section.

Usage Breakdown

From here you can select the "usage category" to show all appliances or single out a specific appliance such as a shower, toilet, or water softener. You’ll also see what percentage of your overall usage each appliance uses.

Below is an example of all usage breakdowns for a week:

*Appliance breakdown values do not include usage from the current calendar day.

*If these features do not appear, you may need to upgrade your package, this can be done under settings in the Flume app.

New comparisons

In addition to an individual appliance breakdown, you’ll also be able to compare your current water use measure against your past usage. This applies to your individual appliances too. Detail+ comparisons give you the ability to visualize your water use trends so you can figure out the best way to save your money and your water. To learn more about the Detail+ Comparision feature, click here.

How does it work?

The Machine Learning Engineering Team at Flume has a dataset of millions of water usage events and each of the event’s labels. Through a process of advanced machine learning, Flume has used these patterns and many more, to build tools that can figure out what appliance is generating each drop of water!

We’re constantly working on expanding and perfecting our machine learning database. Down the line, we’ll be bringing you even MORE appliances with precise measurements!

If Flume labeled your usage incorrectly, you can update the label on the Flume web Portal, to learn how to do this click HERE.

Detail+ is only available to users who are currently using a Flume 2 device. To purchase a Flume 2, please visit

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