If you’ve been using water in your home but are not seeing water use in your Flume app, there are a few steps you can take to figure out what may be going on. Before following the steps below, ensure that your app is up to date and has been refreshed recently.

First, ensure your Water Sensor and Bridge are connected and online.

Check the connection status of your devices in the Flume app by clicking the hamburger lines in the left-hand corner. If both devices are green that means they are connected and online. If one or both devices are red that device is disconnected and leading to no water usage. For more information on device status, click HERE.

If the Bridge is disconnected, click HERE to reconnect.

If the Sensor is disconnected, click HERE to reconnect.

If both your devices are connected and online, check the placement of your Water Sensor.

Improper placement can lead to inaccuracies in water usage. The Water Sensor should be placed parallel to the meter’s pipes, and the top of your Water Sensor should be about flush with the top of the meter. There should be nothing in between the Water Sensor and meter (the Water Meter strap should NOT be in between the Water Sensor and meter). For more information and pictures on proper placement see the article HERE. Once the device is placed properly on the meter be sure to recalibrate you device by clicking HERE.

If you received a “Water Sensor Moved” notification this means that your sensor has likely fallen off the meter or moved significantly which can lead to either inaccurate or missing usage. Follow the steps HERE to resolve this.

Try recalibrating your device by following the steps HERE.

HEADS UP: If your sensor recently disconnected and is now reconnected your data may be backfilling, following the recalibration step may disrupt the backfill and erase any stored data.

If you still aren’t seeing usage:

If you have followed the steps above and still do not see usage in your account please reach out to Flume Support via in-app chat or at: support@flumewater.com.

If you do see water usage but it is not being categorized by Detail+ accurately, please see the article linked HERE.

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